Pretties for Pitties
Be the voice for the voiceless

Ambassador/Volunteer Application

Pretties For Pitties, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit based out of Detroit but serving all of Southeastern, Michigan, with future expansion planned into Lansing, Battle Creek and Grand Rapids areas. Pretties for Pitties is a group of pinup models serving the community as “pit bull” ambassadors looking to educate and advocate for bully breeds in an effort to help end BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). We also offer resources to the community including a pet food bank for those in need.

Our primary goal for the near future is to become a traveling clinic, offering the following services at no cost to bully breeds, and low cost for all other breeds: Micro-chip, Vaccine and Heartworm Prevention. We also extend our resources to local shelters and rescues. We are proud members of Paws in the D Coalition.

We would like to thank you for choosing to volunteer with Pretties for Pitties, Inc. The application process is outlined below, as well as what you will be responsible for, should you be accepted as an Ambassador for the 2017-2018 calendar year. After reading the entire application, if you feel becoming a Pretties for Pitties Ambassador is the right fit for you,  please complete the application, in its entirety, and submit it below.  Thank you – we look forward to having you on our team in 2017-2018 calendar year.

A  Pretties for Pitties Ambassador is someone who donates their time to Pretties for Pitties, female or male.

P4P Ambassador is an advocate for the “Pit Bull” and is educated on the many breeds that fall under the term “Pitbull”.  A P4P Ambassador fights against “BSL”.  Don’t worry if you feel you don’t know enough about any of these topics – we all started somewhere and we are all here to teach, and educate each other. We are about community and family.

We ask that you give at least one hour per month to help with things like participating at events or fundraisers, sharing/cross posting our online posts, coming to any meeting or training we offer, help with donations when possible, volunteering at Paws in the D (PITD) events or volunteering with any of the other organization that are part of PITD.

You may also be asked to model our products/merchandise for promotional use on our website, as well as social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Since we are Pretties for Pitties, many times bully breed dogs are included in our photo shoots, as well as almost all events we attend;  you must be comfortable being around and posing with dogs of all sizes and breeds.