Pretties for Pitties
Be the voice for the voiceless

About Us

We are a voice for the voiceless!
Pretties for Pitties, Inc., is a non-profit, 501(c)3 based out of Detroit, Michigan but serving all of So577a4c5ab8a34ea710a7cefdd629f83futheastern, Michigan. We are a group of Pinup Ambassadors serving the community as "pit bull" ambassadors looking to educate and advocate for bully and large breed dogs in an effort to help end Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). We also offer resources to the community including a pet food bank for those in need. Our focus goal for the near future is to become a traveling clinic offering the following services at no cost to bully breeds and low cost for all other breeds: Micro-chip, Vaccine and Heart worm prevention. We also extend our resources to local shelters and rescues. We are Proud Members of Paws in the D.
We also sell merchandise to help support our cause. You can purchase our merchandise online or at events and can find us all year long at events. We're always looking for events to attend so if you're organization is interested in having us, please contact us.