Pretties for Pitties
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Food Bank Program

It is our goal to keep pets in their homes, whenever possible. Many dogs who go to shelters never leave. Some reasons animals end up in shelters include:

  • Costs related to owning a pet – food, vaccinations, vet bills, etc.
  • Unexpected births
  • 15232181_1781403262108291_2923973523006500280_nPet gets out and has no identification
  • Animal is abused/taken away due to owner ignorance

We work to overcome some of these obstacles to pet ownership through our various programs by providing food, low cost vaccinations, low cost micro chipping, heart worm preventatives, access to low cost spay/neuter and pet ownership education.

Our food bank is one such program. If you would like to participate in our food bank, we ask that you follow these guidelines: 1) To stay in P4P’s program you must agree to spay and neuter your pets, keep them up to date on vaccines, register them with the city. Stay under the allowed pet city limit.  Agree NOT to add anymore pets to your household while in our program.   2) None of the given supplies can be resold for profit.  3) Allow P4P to visually see your pets at each visit.

See application below.